Who i am


when i …

originally wanted to start a blog I was having a hard time writing about coffee shops, fashion, or travel tips because I knew there were already people who did that on a daily basis that were more passionate about it than I was. I wanted to start a blog about something that mattered to me–something that fed my soul a little more.

I have always struggled with my self-image and it has been an uphill battle for years. Thankfully, God has placed some amazing people in my life who have walked alongside me on this journey and they inspired me to start the self project. Society is bombarded with the superficial image but I believe that the time to be unapologetically myself is long overdue.

I created the self project as an open space platform where people could share their stories about self-image and what they’ve come across that has made them stronger in this daily struggle. My hope for you is that you find these stories inspiring and know that you are not alone


Elise Isabel